Cléo born in 1948 to meet the demand of the industry and the craft of fashion.

In a few years, the Cléo brand has become the official supplier for large French fashion model houses by offering a complete range of workshop bust to French IFTH standards. And it is with pride that we make available to all, products recognized for their quality.

These mannequins, child, woman and a man of a unique precision, entirely done by hand carry the elegance and the refinement of know-how to the French. Our workers and very professional workers, transmit to passion their knowledge to the new generations and thus ensure the continuity of the Cleo brand.

The Cléo brand benefits from a very good experience in retail. The fashion industry is passionate about us. We bring solutions and innovations to a constantly changing market. Cléo's products are of excellent quality, contemporary and well made. That's what our customers expect from our products.

Cléo regularly keeps an eye on its factories to support the creation and production teams and of course to be able to control the entire manufacturing process and ensure that production is done according to our quality standards. Our very high quality requirements for the creation, production, finishing and delivery are the basis of our operating policy.